From the Executive Officer’s Desk: October 2017

Strategic Plan Partner Workshop
The Inner East PCP convened a partner’s workshop to present the draft Inner East PCP Strategic Plan 2017-2021 to partners for feedback. With an excellent response, the workshop was attended by 30 partner representatives from across the Inner East, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services. The workshop, led by consultant Jason Rostant, provided an opportunity to discuss the current environmental landscape, and the impacts for PCPs at a Statewide level. We also discussed the implications for the Inner East PCP and our local partners, generating some good discussion. It was also an opportunity to profile the work of the Inner East PCP over the last planning period, so that partners could learn about the wide scope of work undertaken with a diversity of organisations, including the work undertaken in collaboration with the Outer East Health & Community Service Alliance (Outer East PCP).

Partners were then invited to comment on the proposed strategic pillars and key work areas, and how these resonated for partners – and whether partners could see their work and partnership activity located within these. Feedback was very positive and suggested that the draft plan was very clear, well aligned to partner’s priorities, and captured all the essential aspects. Participants were also asked to suggest “A Big Idea” for partnership work, and these will be written up and included in feedback to our partners. The workshop also canvassed gaps, and areas of operations that could potentially change to make way for new directions. Further input from the Eastern Metropolitan PHN and DHHS is also scheduled. This will all be incorporated into the final strategic plan that will be presented to the Executive Committee later in October, then submission to DHHS by 27 October.





Consultant Jason Rostant presents the Statewide PCP Directions


Community and Women’s Health Integrated Planning
A third workshop was held with Health Promotion Practitioners from across the Inner and Outer East  to identify common priorities and share practice. This included identifying a range of sources of indicators to measure activity. Dr Sue Rosenhain presented on the Together For Equality and Respect Strategy, and discussed the development of indicators, and status of current plan activity and directions. Staff enjoyed connecting and sharing across the region, identifying common areas for future collaboration.

Local Government Health and Wellbeing Plans (MPHWP)
The IEPCP continues to support Local Government’s in an advisory capacity, on behalf of partners, during the establishment of their four year MPHWP’s, and action planning processes. The City of Manningham Council approved their Plan in June, and Whitehorse Council approved their draft to go out to public consultation during August. Monash Council have approved their draft to go to public consultation in September. The draft Boroondara Community Plan will be available for public exhibition in October.

Health Literacy
We are still taking enrollments for our next Health Literacy Development Course and any organisation working in health and community services in the EMR are encouraged to apply. Health literacy is an important area of intervention to improve access, equity and inclusion for vulnerable communities. For details of the course and how to apply see the Outer East PCP website.

Tracey Blythe
Acting Executive Officer, Inner East PCP

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people and other peoples of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of the land on which our work in the community takes place. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

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