Coffee with…Sue Rosenhain, Integrated Planning Manager, IEPCP

Describe your work/role as our new Integrated Planning Manager
The primary focus of my role here is the social inclusion priority of the Inner East Integrated Health Promotion plan, which is a plan that represents the HP work of IEPCP, Carrington Health, LinkHC and AccessHC. Social inclusion – whether or not people can Learn, Work, Engage or Have a Voice – impacts on health outcomes. I am working towards building a shared understanding of the determinants of social inclusion ie the aspects of our society which either support people to learn, work, engage and have a voice, or present barriers. I will be working to enable a range of people in the inner east to develop understanding and identify some actions we can take to build the positive aspects and change the barriers.

What excites and motivates you about coming to IEPCP?
Understanding and addressing the fundamental causes of poor health and working with partners to address these has always been exciting for me. Although, of course, it can also be challenging as we are asking our whole community to look at aspects of our society that are entrenched. Mostly people don’t think about them, let alone think they could be changed.

What do you think will be most challenging about the integrated work to improve social inclusion in the inner east?
Ohhh well I just mentioned that hey! Encouraging people to be patient and take a long term view, and addressing aspects of our society that we just take for granted as being normal and not needing to be changed.

What strengths do you see in the partnership as we work together in the inner east?
There is a lot of good will and openness in the inner east and people have demonstrated their capacity to work together on other issues as well. We already have a great examples of people doing similar partnership prevention work in Together For Equality & Respect, the regional strategy to prevent men’s violence against women that is led by Women’s Health East

Which places are you most excited to try in Box Hill for Coffee/ Lunch/ People Watching?
Hmmm well Box Hill has certainly changed since I worked for Box Hill Community Health in 1989! It was then located just a few doors away but feels like a world away too, so I am excited just to get out in the street and the shopping centre and be part of it.

If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be?
Just one?!
I must say I would like some rain in Melbourne soon.

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people and other peoples of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of the land on which our work in the community takes place. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

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